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Sound Suppression Unit

We recently fabricated a sound suppression unit
for a conveyor head for Graymont (Havelock Division).

Dec. 2005 - Jan. 2006

Steel Frame
A heavy steel frame covered with mesh...

Insulation   Insulation
thick insulation...

Insulation   Steel covering
and finally steel siding.

On flatbed
On a snowy day in Jan...

On flatbed   Crane
a crane loads the unit onto a flatbed.

Turn onto road   Turn onto road
The turn onto the road started the trek to Havelock.

Turn onto road   Snowy turn
The snow continued the whole way.

Unloading site
The site ... the square dark hole
on the tower is the ultimate site.

Connect sling
Jason connects the sling to unload.

Lifting off truck   Lifting off truck
John caregfully lifts the unit ...

Lifting off truck   Lifting off truck
and the truck drives out from under it.

Blocking   The opening
On a calm day a much larger crane
will come to lift the unit into place.

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